Please, Forgive Me If I pass

"Stoping hating me. Yesterday you liked me just fine. Today, I trusted you with my thoughts. Stop hating me you, little dictator. I'm not a traitor. Nor will I cater your cries. What, you want me to lie? To agree with everything about your life. I didn't know you wanted me to be you. Let's… Continue reading Please, Forgive Me If I pass


Communication Breakdown

We talk about falling in love and falling out of loveβ€”or broken hearts. But there are other types of love out there, like family and friendships. We rarely talk about the art of friendship, and we don’t think much about broken friendships. The topic of friends reminds me of a song by Gnash, β€œI hate you, I love you,” and even though it’s mainly about falling love, it also touches the theme of friendship.

Am I Addicted to Technology?

Hello, everyone. Last night a title caught my attention. It read, "Are You Addicted to Technology," by Eric Perry, PHD. As I read the question, it got me thinking, "Am I?" Admittedly, I cannot deny the fact that I could possibly be. It's nicer to say "possibly," than to deliberately say, "I am." In denial… Continue reading Am I Addicted to Technology?

Not a Friday Song #13: “Find You”

Once again, I didn’t post my favorite song of the week on my usual Friday. I caught the flu, and I didn't feel well until right now at night. But I’m doing better now. At any rate, my favorite song of the week is β€œFind You,” by Nick Jonas, and I also love the video.… Continue reading Not a Friday Song #13: “Find You”