Please, Forgive Me If I pass

“Stoping hating me.
Yesterday you liked me just fine.
Today, I trusted you with my thoughts.
Stop hating me you, little dictator.
I’m not a traitor.
Nor will I cater your cries.
What, you want me to lie?
To agree with everything about your life.
I didn’t know you wanted me to be you.
Let’s start cloning the world with your mind.
So no one can ever again deny your essence.
We’ll caress your face and get lost in a bliss.
We promise to never disagree, to never think again.
We’ll have your strengths and your weaknesses.
Perhaps the world will be a better place–
Or maybe its ultimate destruction.
We’ll never know until you clone us all.
Copy and paste, Copy and paste.
Until you make us to your image.
We’ll be you, and you will be us.
What kind o f person wants this?
But there’s only one God.
And I don’t think it’s you.
So, please, forgive me if I pass–
To take my shield and stance.” ~Anaprose


©Ana P. Rose & Anaprose 2017.


She Danced In the Rain

One day…

She stopped caring. Not because she had moved on, Oh, no, no. She dwells in her darkness and dances there on daily basis. It’s winter cold all year long. No one can possibly hold her hand because the tumultuous affliction in her heart will jolt you away. She dances in the rain hoping to disintegrate. She doesn’t believe that anyone can love her, and yet pushes away any kind of love or friendship that might remotely care. She sacrifices the truly beautiful person who has a chance to rise from the death—a death they provoked. They killed her little by little every day, and she allowed it because she thought that was love. Wake up! Run away! Reach out to Him who can bring you out of that storm!

A different day…

She stopped caring. Not because she was stuck in the past, Oh, no, no. She moved on because she let go. She let things be. She accepted that the lack of love from people was not her fault. It was theirs. She didn’t have to sacrifice her morals or ethics anymore. She realized that self-love without anger and bitterness cleansed her soul, heart, mind, and spirit. She was finally free! She danced in the rain to be one with nature. Nature embraced and drenched her with freedom and love. While she fell asleep on the lawn under the soft warm rain, God opened her heart. He cured every wound. He removed anger, bitterness, and pain out of her torn heart. He smiled.

“If I could I find a cure, I’ll fix you with my love…and if you say you’re okay, I’m gonna heal you anyway. Promise I’ll always be there for you.”~ “The Cure,” Lady Gaga

©Ana P. Rose & Anaprose 2017.


I Want To Try Something, Fellow Bloggers (30 secs. rd.)

Hello, everyone. It’s Ana P. Rose. It’s my birthday in two days, and I wanted to do something special for my birthday, and this is to help promote other/new bloggers. When I started my blog, MakeItUltra helped new bloggers promote their blogs on their site. I’ll post their link below my message. I am still overwhelmingly thankful for it because it was helpful. Even though I don’t have as many followers, I want to try and help other fellow bloggers too.

So feel free to introduce yourselves, state one fun fact, and leave the link to your blog in the comment section. Let’s help each other. Let’s help other bloggers.

I am grateful for all the support, and you encourage me to keep writing. So click away and start following writers. Do the favor and follow back, please and thank you. Have an awesome week!


sheep-2254055_1920  ©Ana P. Rose & Anaprose 2017.

The Real Truth Seekers

I like “to go through the emotions” and not “the motions” because I believe we cleanse and purge ourselves when we are true to our feelings. We grow and learn when we seek the truth. When we hide and deceive ourselves, it doesn’t serve us right. We don’t learn. We stunt our spiritual growth—narrow-mindedness resides with us because we cannot see beyond the lie. We have to admit to our sins, faults, mistakes, and weaknesses. Focusing only on the strengths of our character can limit those areas that need improvement.

We are a culture that believes in celebrating lies or masks. For instance, in job interviews. Most people lie and exaggerate about their skills. I always think, why do I have to lie about who I am? No one is perfect. Experts advise you to lie about so-called weaknesses: “My weakness is that I overwork myself.” “My weakness is that I am a perfectionist.” I understand people can’t say, “I’m a serious procrastinator. But I will get things done,” or “I am occasionally late. But once I’m here, I’m ready to work.”

I don’t understand why I have to lie, exaggerate, or utter something witty to get a job. “If you’re witty, it reveals the sharpness of your mind. Therefore, you’ll be able to handle difficult situations.” This doesn’t make any sense to me because we are encouraging people to be ungenuine. Of course, we want people of good character. But experience cannot be achieved through perfection. It’s outrageous to believe such things.

A friend of mine, a while back, suggested a dating app. If you like dating apps, that’s okay. But I don’t like them. Every profile I saw said something similar: “I’m an outdoors person. I like an adventure. And I live life to the fullest.” I thought, really, everyone on here lives life to the fullest? If they’re on exciting adventures, why are they on social media? Once again, they say such things, even if they aren’t entirely true because that’s what we as a society want to hear.

I concluded that dating apps are not for me. It’s just another way for people to lie about themselves. And the worst part is, that we are conditioned to accept lies because God forbid that we are imperfect human beings. By this, I’m not saying, let’s make tons of mistakes without measuring consequences. I’m saying that we could be a bit more forgiving toward learners. Let’s learn about each other because we’re all learners. Let’s also be truthful to ourselves. We need mistakes to grow.


Christ had to endure pain, loneliness, and die before resurrecting in triumph. The Phoenix rises from the ashes. It does not make sense to turn on a light when we’re already in brightness. I read a book called Nothing Is Wasted: How God Redeems What is Broken, by Joseph Bentz, about the importance of failure and the story “Jack and the Beanstalk.” He writes the following:

Seeds absolutely depend on the burial, that particular kind of destruction, to produce anything. Unless you do what looks like killing them, you’ll never get anything anywhere…Jack’s mother doesn’t get that. She doesn’t share Jack’s faith in transformation. She looks at the beans in his hand and sees only beans. Jack sees what they might become through the magic of transformational destruction and resurrection. (120)

Jack’s seeds had to be thrown away. It seemed like a failure as Bentz points out. We have examples either in religion, mythology, or fiction that illustrate the value of death or failure. Figuratively speaking, a part of ourselves has to die or break at times to rise from letdowns or unfortunate events.

As a society, we should focus on accepting that it’s okay to make mistakes so as long as those seeds sprout. We’re all too concerned about saving face instead of saving our souls or spirits, depending on what you believe. We don’t seek to better our inner selves, we seek to look better outwardly to the world, not knowing that we’re simply doing ourselves a disservice. Lying to the world is not as severe as lying to ourselves. We have to let faults die, learn from them, and raise a better person.

Finally, this is why I like writers. They’re genuine about their emotions, even in their fiction or poetry. When reading a book, I’m reading a fantastic book of honesty. Many say that reading is an escape from the real world. But I wonder, what real world? The world of masks. I think writing and reading books takes us to the truest part of human beings. Music is another outlet to reach true emotions. Thank God for all the writers, musicians, and any type of artist because they’re the ones telling the truth. They’re the real truth seekers.

©Ana P. Rose & Anaprose 2017


The Man Child (60 sec. rd.)

The man sat on the bench wondering if he should ask the young lady for her number, ask her to coffee. Then his mind drifted…

You know what the cool part about stepping on shit is? You can clean it. If there’s a water hose next to you, then you hose it off. The bad side is the deeps sighs and exasperation over a mistake like it’s the apocalypse.

You know what sucks about dropping milk when you’re five years old? Getting scolded for it. Every day of your life you fear mistakes to the point of losing sleep. You live in the safe zone, not daring.

The terrible thing about getting hurt, like falling off your bike, then hearing, “Get up. I told you. Good. You see. Don’t cry.” You dread new experiences. You think everything is your fault. You believe that you deserve pain.

“You’re not a child anymore. You’re not a child. Not a child. Child. No.”

©Ana P. Rose & Anaprose 2017.


Am Writing (4 min.rd.)

Hello everyone, I hope your weekend is going well. I thought about it, and I should do a short update on my story.

What’s the story exactly about? Well, to begin with, it’s an exaggerating version of my struggles with weight. When I was in high school, I suddenly gained a lot of weight (A LOT). This was difficult for me because up until 14, I could eat anything I wanted. I was also a very skinny kid. My parents even made fun of my twiggy legs.

After I graduated high school and started community college, I reached my goal weight. I felt awesome. Many years later, I fluctuate. Although it’s not a burden in my mind as to when I was younger, at times, it still drains me a bit. And I do get frustrated. I still keep up with my workouts. I try to stay active as much as possible because regardless of your weight, exercising is an essential part of one’s life.

My story is about the mental frustration of fighting obesity—the struggle of the ideal body and not being able to attain it. It’s about the stress of going through different diets, exercise routines, and new trends to lose weight.

At some point, you realize, it’s all in the mind. We have to overcome the crippling characteristics: the cravings, “eh, just today” cheat days, junk food, and over eating “because it’s just so delicious.” I love food! But we need to learn to love ourselves too. Even though I am not considered a robust person anymore, I still have to be careful. It’s an endless battle.

But I’ve learned something, do a lot of research on what role models to follow because it can help you on the motivation level. Just because people are skinny, it doesn’t mean they are healthy or in shape if that’s your goal. So follow the right professional people. There a lot Instagram. Just try not be feel discouraged when you see their “amazing bods.” Think of it like this, they’ve worked and earned it. You can too. We can too.

Back to my story, I’m starting chapter 15 soon, and I believe I have about 30,000 words or more. It’s an urban fantasy. It takes place in our current world, and in an alternate universe where my character fights against her demons.

What are you writing? Thank you for taking the time to read my blog and for your support. Please, always feel free to leave your comments. I appreciate them a lot.



2017 Learning: Two Things (2 min. rd.)

I am sharing a few things that I’ve learned so far this year. These are habits that I am trying to work on. I’ll post the links below.

Unsolicited Advice:

Stop giving or listening to unsolicited advice. Ugh! Isn’t this difficult? Maybe not for everyone, but most of us usually have an itch to volunteer our “wonderful” advice to people.


Thomas G. Plante Ph.D. ABPP in “Giving People Advice Rarely Works. This Does,” explains what does work:

“If we really want to encourage behavior (or belief) change in others we actually need to move away from advice giving (especially when our advice is unsolicited) and toward modeling. In other words, we need to be an example for others rather than telling them what to do.”


Remember that practice makes perfect:

Peter Economy, “3 Simple Steps to Becoming an Expert in Anything,” explains the following:

“Becoming an expert overnight just isn’t going to happen. You are going to have to put a lot of work and dedication into becoming an expert at anything. In his book Outliers, Malcolm Gladwell says that it takes about 10,000 hours of practice to achieve mastery in a particular field.

According to the article, while not every field may take that many hours to achieve an expert level, you still have to dedicate many hours to your field.

Also, have you notice the how the quality of your work lessens when you don’t practice diligently? I get frustrated because I can see the difference. If we respect our craft/field, we need to practice, practice, and practice. Oh yeah, did I mention that we have to practice? Yes, that much. Sighs! I know. (I wonder I’m giving unsolicited advice here?)

golf-1802020_1920 (1).png


©Ana P. Rose & Anaprose 2017.

Links to Articles:

Peter Economy. “3 Simple Steps to Becoming an Expert in Anything.”

Thomas G. Plante Ph.D. ABPP. “Giving People Advice Rarely Works. This Does.”


Dear Writers, Fun Exercise

Hi, so I took a few pictures of the beautiful sky today. As a writing challenge, inspiration, or simply as a writing exercise, I invite you to write a passage, a poem, a sentence, or a pitch to a story for the pictures I took. They’re not professional. I took them with my phone. I hope you enjoy this post. 😊 You can leave just one word if you’d like too. Have a great week. 🌹

Here are the details about the pictures:

  • Summer, 89 degrees
  • Windy day
  • Evening
  • California
  • High Desert
  • Solar panels

Right Wing or Left Wing?

It makes me extremely sad to see incidents like at Charlottesville. But above all, it makes me sad that it doesn’t matter what side some people are on, they choose to hate. Whether we are a right or left wing, conservative or liberal, I think the most important part of a human being is their individuality because each one of us is unique.

There are certain topics that I can admit will cause fierce arguments. But at the end of the day, hate and violence will not change someone’s opinion. We’re allowed to get angry, but we must not let anger consume us.good-vs-bad-2389058_1280

I gave this example on my facebook. If aliens were to come down and realize that planet earth has sociopaths and serial killers and they conclude the following:

Alien diagnose on human beings: They are all sociopaths and serial killers.

This would be an exaggeration on behalf of the aliens. So, I find it unfair, that some people, because I saw it on my Facebook page and all over social media, claim that all white people are racists or that all right wing people are Nazis. In the same manner, some have said that all the people on the left wing are socialists or communists. Both are exaggerations, and both create racial division.

I know people, and I am sure most of us do, from different sides and all over the political spectrum. I respect people’s views. That doesn’t mean that I will support it or agree with you. But to hate? This makes me so disappointed in humanity. As I said, we can disagree and feel passionate about a subject. However, it doesn’t matter who it is, we should not condone hate and violence. But people condone terrible actions as long as a certain group or person is part of their political affiliation or their skin color. Once again, this is wrong. I don’t support it.woman-2579513_1920

I think that we’re all inherently prejudice. Notice that I am saying “prejudice” not racist. For a developmental psychology class that I took a long time ago, I never forgot this: that prejudice can be a survival skill. Why? Because it helps us recognize danger, such as when a newborn cries if a stranger carries him/her but calms down in the arms of his/her mother. Of course, I am summarizing and paraphrasing.

My own example of this is as a woman. If I see a group of men (regardless of skin color), say at night, I will not deliberately walk into that crowd. Maybe they’re harmless or maybe not. I don’t know. All I know is that I am alone at night, so it’s best to avoid it. My prejudice would tell me, “Hey, there’s a group of men there at night, and you’re alone. What if they are assaulters of some sort?” Prejudice isn’t always a bad thing. Prejudice occurs due to the fear of the unknown, or just not knowing. Like my example of the group of men. I just don’t know. It doesn’t mean that I hate men. I just choose to be careful.

So, even if we are prejudiced, sometimes it’s easy to do research. Ask questions and learn and or meet new people. My personal experience with most people is that they usually think that I am Mexican. I am not. I’m American with Guatemalan descent. When I explain myself to people, they take the time to listen. And I have encountered those who say, “Yeah, same shit.” If they do say this, well, that’s discriminatory and ignorant. ruin-540830_1920

We can’t do anything about those who choose to stay ignorant. But we can do something about ourselves. As long as we’re open to learning about other people, especially when it comes to race and ethnicity, we can slowly eliminate prejudice or the unknown. We all make mistakes. I have made my share of mine. However, being willing to learn from those errors improves our knowledge.

One thing I always say, any type of extremism is a cancer to our society. Some think they’re doing it for the right reasons too, “Oh it’s for my people.” And this comes along with condoning hate and violence as long as it’s for your side. Very wrong and heartbreaking.

I’ve learned something in the last 7 months, some human beings only want to hate, and they want all of us to be consumed by it. I will not let anyone poison my mind with their hatred regardless of their skin color or political affiliation.

©Ana P. Rose & Anaprose 2017.

Friday Song #11: Lorde’s “Melodrama” Album

Hello, everyone. I know I usually pick the one song for Friday’s. But I love Lorde’s entire album so much that I couldn’t choose the one song for today. The name of the album is Melodrama. I’ve listened to Lorde for a while now. At such a young age, she has more mature music than a lot of artists out there.

Now, she’s  20 years old, and she keeps maturing. I read somewhere that she helped her mother with her Master’s dissertation. Lorde is one of those young bright minds. Fun fact, she’s from New Zealand, a place I’d to visit.

Her music is still youthful, obviously, but I think an older audience like myself can enjoy her music too. It’s not over top either with like extremely “deep concepts,” and her music is quite pleasing to the ears if you like art pop, dream pop, electropop, and indietronica.

I hope you enjoy your weekend. What’s your favorite song/artist/album?





Which Door Is It?

Dear, God, life, planet, galaxy, universe: Which door is it?

When all the doors closed, it’s for a reason. But at the same time, which door is it? Which path? Which one is the wrong door or doors? Which path is the correct one? They all seem the same, but each leads to a different ending or beginning.


The thoughts of a lost soul.



©Ana P. Rose & Anaprose 2017.