I’m More Loving, Kinder, and Better Than You

The problem with humans is that we think in terms of, “I’m more loving, kinder, and better than you (or those people.)” The issue is that we fail to perceive and understand that any person of any color, man or woman, rich or poor, proper mental health or not, is tempted by power and greed, including selfish pursuits and ulterior motives.

Our actions can often be like a domino effect leaving a trail behind that eventually leads to a great fall. We can’t blame others for such footprints if you will. Therefore, we need accountability. Also, not every tragic story makes a good person. Often tragedies and misfortunes turn people into resentful & hateful people. Until they realize that we all need to go through the road of loneliness, exasperation, and hopelessness, we don’t know that we can come out as better people on the other side–full of gratitude and forgiveness, cleanse from self-righteousness and a victim mentality.

For this reason, my faith in God humbles me, “Only God is good.” Anything good comes from Him. Anything wrong comes as a result of our humanity. However, it’s not necessarily a bad thing to be such a flawed human being. It merely means that there’s room for growth. Thus, to become a skeptic of our own “I’m such a good person” idea leads us to see the loopholes that need improvement. We must ask, “I’m a good person. But how am I not?” or “Those people or that person are/is bad. But how are they not?” Or “I’m a bad person. But how am I not?”

Questions are better than answers, as I always say.

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