Stranger Danger: Conflict & Silence

What does hate smell like? What does it sound like?

It smells like a gathering at a restaurant.

We smell the different foods and drinks on the menuβ€”

We hear the sizzles of the food; the ingredients travel to our noses.

We listen to the clacking of the dishes.

We smile at the waitressβ€”the only sincere conversation,

The only honest smiles.

You sit there knowing you should run to the door.

The eyes stare away from the disagreements of the lipsβ€”

Quickly, moving from one subject to the next.

Anything to fill in the long silences, and yet silence conquersβ€”

To avoid the greater conflict at hand, a quiet disasterβ€”

Conflict yells loudly in the subconsciousβ€”

And it’s conscious through the body language.

Guilty smiles, ignoring the contorted countenances.

The dead eyes sending a clear message of anger.

I try to focus on the guilty smiles here and there.

Waiting for the food to arrive, anxious to have a reason to agree.

Is the food good or bad?

I hope each bite, each sip fills in the gaps of the awful silence.

That silence yells, β€œThis is the end. Don’t you see?”

Your gut instinct warns, β€œDanger, danger. Stranger Danger.”

And yet the adult mindset enduring it for the sake of saving faceβ€”

Or for the false pretense that we are good people.

We sacrifice, we endure, we are patient, we love.

β€œStanger, danger.”


Β©Ana P. Rose & Anaprose 2017.






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