Besides Writing, I Run.

Besides writing, one of my primary tools for stress and tiredness is exercising. At this point, I exercise four times a week. Earlier in the year, I tried six days a week. But that did not work out, and then if I lost a few days out of the six, I felt cheated from a good workout week. Moving down to four days helped me stay focused. Something inside my head told me, β€œyou’re a failure because you can’t do six days.” The thought makes me laugh a bit. Now I do 100% of my workout a week because I exercise 4 days a week, and I do 45 minutes. I’m concentrating on cardio right now, so I do 25 minutes on the treadmill and 20 on the stationary bike.

I realized that rscreenshot-20unning is challenging, and I HATE it with a passion. However, here’s the positive side of it, I am too busy filling my lungs with air that my mind drowns about 99% of my endless thoughts. It’s thinking, β€œ60 seconds. Now 30. Just 15 seconds left. Mississippi 10, Mississippi 9, holy crap, Mississippi 7, and more craps until I reach Mississippi 1.” I walk, jog, and run until I reach 1 mile and a lap. That’s where I am at on my workout. I’m trying to move up in miles in less time. I also punch the bag here and then at times, and that one helps with anger.

I’ve read the following on social media several times, β€œFood is the most abused anxiety drug. Exercise is the most underutilized antidepressant.” Β For some reason, I was stupefied when I read that for the first time. I thought about it for a minute. I finally admitted to myself that I do eat during ansty and stressful times. Exercising does help relief stress, as I mentioned, and even exhaustion.

I am no professional. But based on my experience, I recommend working out. Also, writing becomes frustrating at times because the thoughts get stuck like a congested freeway. The ideas are there, but they’re not making any sense, or it’s too packed that we can’t see aheadβ€”nothing. We don’t see. We just sense.

Wouldn’t it be better to get out of the car and just start walking when the freeway hits a halt? NOT IN REAL LIFE OF COURSE. Figuratively, I get off the highway of thoughts, and I literally walk/jog/run on the treadmillβ€”Fill those lungs up and curse the running here and there. But then I have this sense of accomplishmentβ€”a little triumph. If you hate running as much as I do, you’ll have a love and hate relationship with it. Unlike a terrible relationship that I would say, β€œrun away from that person,” with running, I say with it.


6 thoughts on “Besides Writing, I Run.

  1. I don’t like run. Partially because I just don’t like it and partially cause I think it’s too hard on the legs and feet. I do walk though. I try to walk a minimum of 5 miles when I do. The negative is that 5 miles of running takes a lot less time than 5 miles of walking. Good post.

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  2. Enjoy your running. I can no longer jog because of health reasons and did not realize how much running meant to me. Walking briskly helps, swimming is OK, a little bit of tennis works sometimes, but nothing takes the place of a lung-filling, brain-clearing run. I love your post.

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    1. Thank you, and sorry about the running part. And here I hate it. 😐 And wow, those are still a lot of activities. I ought to try those too. 😊


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