More Brilliant Days

You know, I’m finally at a place where I can see the ray of light turning into a bright shining day. And when I state those words of the more brilliant days, it scares me. β€œWhat if it’s a fluke.” Life is scary. But also full of hopesβ€”similar to a rose with thorns.

I’ve encountered a lot of closed doorsβ€”many battlesβ€”many storms. Then I take a look at the scarcity of food in certain parts of the world, and I think, β€œmy storms are childish in comparison to all the harm happening around the world.”Screenshot (159)

Other doors opened, and they weren’t much of hopeβ€”or there wasn’t much growth. Or it was simply the wrong door. The β€œORs” always kick in when I reflect on my life. It’s always β€œthis or that.”

One of the main things I’ve learned in life is not to lie to myself. Sometimes we feel that we have exhausted all possibilities and that life is just unfair. But maybe, in my case, I wasn’t trying hard enough.

Sometimes, when we think β€œwe have exhausted all possibilities,” we feel hopeless. The way I see it is as follows, you’ve only eliminated paths that were not meant to be part of you.

There is not a great story behind an easy road. The best and most encouraging stories are those that triumphed over impossibilities. Yes, life weighs you down, of course, we’re human beings. However, as human beings, we can always try harder and figure out other waysβ€”we’re the mice attempting to find that cheese in that maze life has entrapped us.

There really isn’t a point in ever giving up. Why? Because if something doesn’t work, then something else will.

The other issue I realized is obtaining opportunities and not taking advantage of themβ€”because once we have something within our grasp, we take it for granted.

Anytime you have an opened door, an opportunity, or a second chance clasp it tightly and try to figure out how to do things differently. Try not to fall into the same patterns that have failed before. Try to stay away from blaming others. You’re in charge of your life. You make the difference. Yes, you’re going to encounter trials, but welcome them because your story can help another person once you succeed.

I include all this for relationships too. Someone did not work out for you, then believe someone better is out there. And try to stay away from toxic and destructive people. Certainly, negative patterns in a partner are going to lead to Nowheresville. Question, examine, analyze, and try new ways.

Your job or career didn’t work out? Then don’t shut your ears out to life. Listen and you’ll find a different path. Meditate. I recommend Let Your Life Speak: Listening for the Voice of Vocation by Parker J. Palmer if you’re having difficulties finding your vocation or questioning your vocation.

My way of meditation is reading the Bible and meditating in God. I’m not perfect. I cuss (I try not to, though) and get furious at timesβ€”among other things. But I believe in God because I am not perfect and believing in Him makes me a better person. This works for me.

Discover something or someone that can help you put your life in perspective. You may feel like you’re drowning and need a lifeguard. At times, there isn’t a lifeguard around. You have to relax, and the water will help you float back up to the surface. You’ll find yourself gasping for air. But you made it above water.

These are all reflections based on failures and trials. And as clichΓ©, as it may sound, you do learn out of failure. Above all, don’t give up. Keep trying. Achieve that great story. I’m working on my story and writing new chapters every day. Are you?

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  1. I love your writing for the simplicity, flow and pace of your words. I must say you weave words wonderfully.

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